Packing for your Trip- Airlines' Luggage guidelines

Almost everyone I know takes too much stuff with them when they travel. They usually say that they don’t know what they may need. Really? Of course, you do. Be smart about it. There is no need to take your entire wardrobe. I know this is difficult when travelling with children, but you can do it.

Think about the last time you travelled, did you use all the clothing and toys you took with you? Chances are the answer is no, so for the next trip leave those things behind. It will make your luggage lighter and save you the hassle of lugging that suitcase around.

Typically, if you cannot lift the bag above your head so you can put it into the overhead bin, you should either check it in or don’t put that much in there next time around. Don’t rely on people around you to help as that is just wrong.

A good rule of thumb is to pack one set of clothing for each day of travel. So ensure that you have clean underwear to don after your daily shower. For men, a pair of slacks and jeans and shorts will suffice for the entire trip. For women, if you wear pants possibly two of them and an outfit per day. It’s a little difficult for children as they will get dirty from time to time so you will have to take some extra clothing and other items for them. Try to take only what you need though. Don’t take an extra outfit, just in case? Just in case of what, I usually ask? If you really need something, then it may be time to buy a new outfit, if you have the time of course.

Remember, to check your luggage limits. The transportation providers have strict rules and if you break them, then you have to pay. Weight limits are the key here as you will have to pay extra. Also, don’t overload your carry-on luggage just because you don’t want to pay to check it. Some airlines have a 7kg limit on carry-on luggage and do enforce it. When you go shopping for your items bear these in mind.

Some people travel with a backpack. A backpack works as you can sling it over your back and walk or run to your plane with kids in tow. It also fits easily under the seat in front of you, so you can get on and off the plane quicker. A roller board works as well for longer trips, but realize that if their is no overhead bin space, you will have to check it in at the last minute. And unless the airplane is one of the small regional jets, you will have to pick it up at baggage claim when you arrive.

Here are some links to the baggage policies of select airlines.

Remember to check the policies for strollers and car seats as well. Just go to your airline Web site and search for baggage and you will find the information you need:

  1. Aeromexico
  2. Air Asia
  3. Air Canada
  4. Air France
  5. Allegiant Airlines
  6. Alaska Airlines
  7. American Airlines
  8. British Airways
  9. Caribbean Airlines
  10. Cathay Pacific
  11. Condor
  12. Delta Air Lines
  13. easyJet
  14. Etihad
  15. Emirates
  16. Frontier Airlines
  17. jetBlue Airways
  18. KLM
  19. Lufthansa
  20. Qantas
  21. Qatar
  22. Ryanair
  23. Scoot
  24. Singapore Airlines
  25. Southwest Airlines
  26. Spirit Airlines
  27. South African Airways
  28. Sun Country
  29. Thai Airways
  30. United Airlines
  31. Virgin Australia
  32. Vueling
  33. WestJet
  34. Wizz Air
  35. Wowair

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