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Family Flight Advisor was created to answer all your questions about flying with kids: Flying with a baby, flying with a toddler, flying with a preschooler, flying with teens, what to pack, what not to pack, how to keep kids entertained, how to conquer airport queues Aand many more.

Our ultimate aim is to bring you the most comprehensive, user review-filled site for family air travel products and services- airport, airlines, bags and other essentials… but not forgetting the elephant in the room: the carbon footprint of flying.

We know, that first flight with a baby or young child can be daunting for many. Just so many questions, so many unknowns, even for those who were experienced air travellers BC (before kids)! 

Join our community, share your experiences of airlines, airports, travel products and experiences that have made your life easier.  Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

Family Flight Advisor Editor and Expert Panel

Monika Roozen

Monika Roozen, Editor family flight advisor

Monika was born into travel, moving from country to country as a child of diplomatic parents. Travelling long-haul was the norm for this jet setter.

Monika is an animal scientist turned business consultant and blogger, now also a mum of 3. She is a daily curator of multilingual chaos (her children speak 4 European languages, using 3 at home), organiser of family adventures, days out & travels. 
She has continued travelling through her pregnancies, after having babies and with toddler; often having flown solo with her kids. Her record: the youngest being a mere 2 weeks old on their first long trip as a family of 5. They are a family unafraid of adventure, outdoor enthusiasts, who dive straight into off-the-beaten-track cultural experiences too.

Monika’s personal travel tales can be read at The World in my Pocket and Inspireroo

Kerwin McKenzie

Kerwin in Loreto, Mexico

An ex-airline employee who travels on average over 250,000 miles a year, Kerwin is passionate about air travel.  He writes up-to-date airport, destination and ground transportation guides plus flight and hotel reviews with a mission to motivate airline employees to use their travel benefits at Passrider.com, as well other travellers to see the world beyond their doorsteps. Kerwin been in the airline/aviation industry since 1994 and is keen to share secrets that give insight on how to best travel on an airline with your family.

Kerwin has flown 169 airlines and visited 120 countries.  He teaches travellers how to be loyal to travel brands and make the most of airline stopovers, as well as other travel tips. Unfamiliar Destinations, Kerwin’s other site, is created for the sole purpose of providing information about destinations that are hidden gems worth visiting.

Marnie Munns

Marnie juggles a career as a captain at a commercial airline and motherhood with 2 children.

Marnie wanted to be a pilot from early childhood, following in her grandfather’s footsteps. “We travelled a lot when we were children and my parents used to say: Go and see the pilot and see what they do!” This set her on course to be one of only 4% of female commercial airline pilots, after she completed her degree in Psychology.

She has campaigned for equal pay and opportunities for women within her industry, including giving talks at events and schools encouraging girls to consider the aviation industry as a career path and inspiring girls not to allow preconceptions and gender stereotypes to limit their career choices.

In her spare time, Marnie loves horseriding with her children.

Afra Willmore

Afra Wilmore Autism expert

Afra is an autistic mum of 7, who blogs at Mad Mum of 7. She has a special interest in inclusion for neurodiverse needs, as she was only diagnosed as autistic as an adult. Afra’s youngest son was diagnosed with ASD (Autistic spectrum disorder) aged 8, her 13-year-old daughter is on the diagnosis pathway and her 19-year-old daughter and 20-year-old son are also autistic.
Yet, autism has not stopped this family from travelling: It’s not easy, yet they all love to travel. Afra has lots of travel tips, and experiences to share about overcoming the challenges of travelling with a hidden disability.

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