Düsseldorf Airport- Hugo Junkers Lounge

The Hugo Junkers Lounge is located in the B wing of Düsseldorf airport. It gives access to a wide range of airline status cardholders, as well as Privilege Pass, Dragon Pass and other cardholders. The lounge also allows access to passengers for a fee. (Full list on their prices and access cards is on their website -opens in new window) The lounge welcomes young guests as well and under 2 the entry is free.

We spent a couple of hours in the lounge on a transit stop and really enjoyed the views from the large windows, watching all the activities of a busy airport

Impressions of the Hugo Junckers Lounge

The Hugo Junkers Lounge is spread over two floors. It is large. The lower floor, where the reception desk is, has a more open feeling to it and is more airy. It is bright and light, with a great view of the airport. There are very little soft surfaces to muffle noise, so it can become almost as noisy as the terminal itself, when it is busy and lots of businessmen are on their phones.

The lounge has one darker, quieter corner, to the left as you enter. This, however, doesn’t have armchairs, it is set up with benches and bar tables. So great if you have a little one sleeping in a pushchair.

The lounge upstairs is slightly smaller, it has string curtains dividing the areas, which maintain the light and airy feel of the place. It feels cosier. However, I would avoid this floor with younger kids, especially toddlers, as those string curtains are just begging to be played with woven through back and forth. They are an awesome sensory playground for little ones! Yet, somehow, I don’t think fellow lounge users would be impressed with the joy it causes your little one. ? Stay downstairs with the little ones.

The stairs between the two floors might be good exercise for the restless crawler and toddler… and mum or dad, of course. (There are hand sanitizers by the restrooms for when they are tired and ready for a snack and for the flight)

Toilets & showers

There are toilets and showers both on the main floor and upstairs. At the time of our visit (Oct ’19) the upstairs restrooms and their baby changing facilities were closed due to renovations. The nearest facilities were in the terminal, about a 2-minute walk away.

Food and drink

The Lounge has a buffet set up with a selection of warm and cold food.

Both the hot and cold food has choices which were suitable for the very young travellers too (though salted to a German taste, which is quite heavy-handed)

We had pea stew with a pretzel roll, meatballs and mash potatoes with a side of olives. Dessert we strawberry yoghurt with a chocolate muffin. There was also a vegetarian pasta and rice; as well as some salads and a good selection of fresh fruit.

Drinks- coffee, teas, fizzy drinks, juices (tomato and apple), wine, beer and spirits.


The emphasis on cleanliness was evident, staff were constantly clearing plates and cups, doing down surfaces.

Overall impressions

We struck lucky with the entry prices, as the lounge had an autumn holiday offer on: with just €20 for an adult and €8.50 for a child it was well worth the extra bit of peace and the open buffet.

Düsseldorf Airport also has other lounges: the … lounge in the non-Schengen section of the terminal, beyond passport control, has more dedicated children’s facilities. We hope to bring you a review soon (If you’ve been with kids and would like to share your experience, let us know.)

Monika Roozen

Monika is a mum of 3, an avid traveller, who grew up travelling the world and has continued travelling ever since. She holds a degree in animal sciences, nutrition and business administration and has consulted for several years for the hospitality industry and customer service departments. Monika loves slow travel- taking time for immersive experiences in culture and nature- sailing and snowboarding. Her personal adventures are chronicled in Inspireroo Family Travel Magazine . (Click to see their family mad ventures)

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